domingo, dezembro 05, 2010

2º Trabalho \ 2nd Work

Estou a demorar bastante para fazer isto tudo... já iniciei o 3º, mas ainda falta um tanto :T

Neste trabalho foi pedido para se fazer 6 vinhetas, numa só folha, na qual 5 deles eram estacionários, com uma personagem a contar uma história, sendo a última vinheta uma imagem da história em si (não contendo a personagem). E prontos... assim o fiz. Ah, antes disso, era necessário desenvolver a personagem psicologicamente (acho que fisicamente também). De qualquer forma, tinha dois planos para este, um que acabei por fazer e um outro que não dava para terminar legivelmente, sem conhecer o mundo e enredo em si. Optei pela primeira, que era mais directa.


I'm taking quite a while to do it all... I already commenced the third, but there's still a lot missing :T

In this work it was asked 6 frames, on a single page, in which 5 of them were stationary, with a character telling a story, while the last frame would be the image of the story itself (not containing the character). And... so I did. Ah, beforehand, it was necessary to develop the character psychologically (I think fiscally too). Anyway, I had two plans for this, one that I eventually did and on other that couldn't end legibly, without prior knowledge of the world & the plot itself.
I opted for the first, since it was more direct.

Detalhes de personagens e história. Não liguem à primeira parte, não está minimamente relacionado lol
(Don't force me to translate everything.) Character Specs and story. Nevermind the 1st part, it's not even minimally related lol
"5 of Stven, 51st Delta Patrol left me in charge of  Kau desert. Again..." ; "Personal Note: I don't understand it. A soldier of my experience, in a desert, in the void, all of it covered in... sand." ; "And those Rats? Those Prairie dogs! Are a headache!" ; On the headnote: Styling of letters more aggressive; lack of legibility (all of the written text here would be the Commander's lettering in his journal) "Cranium cracking of a growing tumor, That they provoke!" ; "But alas... today, day 5, at 3am... it was found a beautiful way of putting them in line and still pass on exemplar discipline." ; "Augh!" (That's basically a gigantic Steamo-tank-train, with a guy being keelhauled of it).

lol esquissos
lol sketches

Este é o esquisso original. Nota-se que inverti a parte final, visto que tem mais fluidez ao acompanhar a leitura.
This is the original sketch. Note that I inverted the final part, seen that it has more fluidity while accompanying the reading motion.

"I was on the way to an important meeting, when I found Vasco." ; "That incompetent plebeian! Acting like Nero! Burned half of the warehouse due to... to..." ; "INCOMPETENCE!" ; "But I relaxed. He asked for forgiveness, and there... To alleviate things (he was nervous like everything), I told him to go shopping with "Little". Buy a tie, some shoes..." ; "Of cement." ; "..."

E é tudo.


That is all.


Questiono-me de momento se faremos trabalhos vários, como estes até agora, até ao fim da cadeira, hmm...
I question myselt at the moment, if we'll do various works, like these until now, 'till the end of this course, hmm...