sábado, junho 25, 2011

6º Trabalho \ 6th Work

Hoje serei sucinto.

Este trabalho consistia em criar um diálogo. Variar entre vários planos, pormenores, etc...

Primeiro fiz um esboço, que tanto gostei que decidi poupa-lo. Usei uma outra folha invés de passar por cima das linhas, e depois decidi usar essa mesma folha para experimentar uma aguada (já que o papel tinha uma gramagem melhor). E é tudo.


Today I'll be succinct.

This project consisted in creating a dialogue. Vary through several shots, details, etc...

First I did a sketch, that I liked so much I decided to spare it. I used another paper instead of marking over the lines, then I decided to use that very same paper to experiment ink in water (since the paper had a better consistency). And that's all.

Sketch with the entire dialogue

School scanners do this to you

- I told you  that some other day... I even commented on your ass.
- Fuck you.
- Eh! But seriously, she blackmailed me!
- I didn't even noticed it.
- You were outside with Fred... I think.
- Then you hooked Marta with her.
- And I'm impatient so that Layda says something.
- All for a freaking threesome. You're an asshole.
- And I still did the love in the bathroom.
- Fuck you! Why do I wanna know?

- PFFF-- Whoa whoa! Drop that!
- It's rule. Machismo shit, and I'll fuck you up.
 - Oh! I wish.
- Drinks for the couple.
- Thanks Su-

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